Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to our world of Noon To Nine rooted in nostalgia and whimsicality! 

Candy-colored enamel and stone pieces that channel work to wow aesthetic handcrafted by vetted artisans are literal strings of treasures. The idea is that it takes roughly two decades for a style to come back ‘in’!

Perhaps our collections are a melting pot of vintage influences, bold to beautiful, 9 to 9, with revisiting iconic styles of the past. Our designs — a perfectly suited mix of gold to rose, baroque pearls to semi-precious gems, come in plated brass, passionately created into something unique for everyday wear. 

Our jewelry is as audacious as it is wearable, offering a perfect balance of feminine allure and confident boldness. Our collections are a symphony of creativity, each piece a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary allure. From the iconic styles of the past to the chic trends of today, Noon To Nine becomes your style confidante, accompanying you effortlessly from day to night.

Think color, in-your-face studs, stop-and-stare neckpieces, and crazy chokers. The result?These are eminently wearable pieces. Find exactly what you’re looking for, or what truly resonates with you.

All one-of-a-kind or made-to-order (i.e., design once sold, is made to order upon purchase, to avoid overproduction and reduce waste in the long run).

From the boardroom to the bar, and if ‘one and done’ is your go-to philosophy, Noon To Nine seamlessly transitions between occasions.

Sartorially speaking, who dares wins right now! It's the New Nostalgia